What you should know about ordering restaurant food

Dining in restaurants requires a lot of awareness, especially if you want to eat fresh food and not catch a stomach bug. You have to be careful because it happens even in the best of restaurants. A prestigious location and high prices do not always guarantee a high quality of food.

From choosing the right restaurant to knowing what foods may be dangerous to your digestive health, here’s a look at what you need to pay special attention to when ordering in a restaurant.

This is the first indicator that can help you evaluate a restaurant. When you enter a restaurant, you should not smell the air freshener. If a delicate smell of food wafts from the kitchen, it’s a good sign. It proves that the chefs are devoted to their work and spend more than three minutes to prepare a meal.

The menu should be short and informative. If there are too many options on the menu, it means that the kitchen has a large amount of meat, seafood, vegetables, and other products that are not used often for fresh cooking. Of course, this does not apply to all restaurants, but we can assume that a restaurant serving a whole cookbook of dishes will be forced to freeze preparations, or worse, serve dishes made of semi-cooked products.

Make sure the vegetables and fruits are in season. For example, vegetables that occur in a given latitude only in the summer season should not be ordered at other times of the year. Such vegetables usually have to be transported from other countries. This means that they must be properly prepared for such a long journey by adding chemicals. It is the same with fruits.
When you go to a restaurant, you want to eat healthy food, not ones which are full of chemicals.

Food is the best way to get to know a region and its culture. The meal should be compatible with the region and made from local produce. It should inspire curiosity to discover local flavors, especially if you are traveling. Instead of asking for seafood in a city far away from the sea, order a local dish. A local chef will make best the dish he has eaten all his life, and this way, you can be sure that the meal will be healthy and delicious.


Restaurant products that may be dangerous to the digestive system

Sometimes, you have a bad feeling after a tasty meal in a restaurant. Of course, you cannot blame every restaurant because there are also good restaurants respected by customers. However, if you find yourself in a new restaurant and have a feeling it may end badly, here is a list of products you should avoid when placing your order.

Salad dressing
Watch out for readymade dressings. They are usually kept for a few days in a large container, which is a good environment for different bacteria to grow.

It is rarely washed and takes several days to be delivered to the table, sometimes even a week.

Fish and seafood
Do not order fish in the middle of the week.  Fish are sold best on weekends and are mostly fresh on those days.

Chicken nuggets
Nuggets are usually fried in oil in which hundreds of them have been fried. In addition, there is juice leaking from raw meat in this oil. As a result, both the oil and the meat have an unpleasant smell. Frying in used oil also has a carcinogenic effect and causes obesity and atherosclerosis.

Soup of the day
Here’s an interesting thing about the soup of the day. Usually, these are unsold leftovers from previous days.

Dish of the day
It is prepared from the oldest ingredients in the kitchen, i.e., leftovers.

Hardly anyone uses protective gloves or a separate kitchen towel to handle bread. What is worse, sometimes, the bread basket is transferred from table to table.

Did you know that your fries are fried in old oil? The oil is rarely changed. There is usually no time for this. Instead of changing the oil, it’s refilled. It’s dangerous for your digestive system.

Meatballs are prepared by adding the right spices to leftovers. A tasty sauce is poured over them to distract your attention.

Are you sure that the raw meat used to make tartare was well preserved? Such meat preparations should be fresh. That’s something to think about before you order it next time. 


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