Restoration of Immunity

Immediately after birth, along with the mother’s first milk, we get a large dose of immune boosters that help to build a strong immune system in our bodies.
This system is strong enough to deal with infections, bacteria, and viruses. Unfortunately, with age and other factors such as not sleeping, bad eating habits, processed food, excess stress, and intestinal dysbiosis, the immune system becomes weaker.

In addition, there are external factors such as contaminated air, chemicals in food, and low-quality water. Therefore, to ensure the proper functioning of the body,
we should, first of all, ensure that the immune system is in the best condition.

Restoration of Immunity is especially important for people who are frequently ill, feel physically weak, and who are having or have had:

  • surgical procedures

  • chemotherapy

  • radiotherapy

  • cancer disease

  • antibiotic therapy

  • diseases that damage the body

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