10 ways to eat healthier at work

Workplaces are full of temptation with sugary foods everywhere. The vending machines are filled with salty and sweet snacks, and no party is not complete without a rich, creamy cake.

While temptations may be everywhere, you do not have to give up. Try these simple strategies and see if they work!

  1. Stay away from your desk/office/computer while eating. Your workplace should not be a place to eat even on the busiest day. If you work during lunch and eat at your desk, you may get time to reply to two additional emails. However, such behavior can promote mindless snacking.
    If your office is also your dining room, you’ll actually eat more, even if you’re not hungry. This is because, while eating, you are not focusing on providing food to your body but on work. Your brain does not have time to realize that it is being given fuel for functioning. It also translates to poor digestion because the digestive system is not prepared for it properly.


  1. Eat a filling breakfast every morning. Rice wafers or cereals offer a quick and easy solution in the mornings, but you have to reckon that after an hour, your stomach will be asking for something more nutritious, forcing you to buy a salty snack from the vending machine. Avoid this mistake by spending a few extra minutes to prepare a wholesome breakfast that will satisfy you for longer.


  1. Prepare meals for work when you are full. If you have just finished your meal, this is the best time to pack your sandwiches or snacks for work. When you do this, you will unconsciously prepare meals with better ingredients. In this way, you will make healthier choices. It works the same way as shopping on an empty stomach. When we go to the store hungry, we buy more calorific products than when we are full.


  1. Invest in nice, functional containers for food storage. It is a good idea to separate individual portions with control inserts. What’s more, your food will not get tainted with crumbs or absorb smells from other foods in the same place. Now that’s what you call convenience!


  1. Do you find yourself craving food between meals? A healthy snack, which may be in the form of raw carrots, cucumbers, celery, and peppers, is a great way to divert your attention from your cravings. Do not confuse vegetables with fruit. Fruits contain sugar and will be treated by your digestive system as additional fuel, which will be unused and stored as fat.


  1. Hydrate yourself. Dehydration is often confused with hunger. Sipping small sips of water throughout the day can help you avoid unnecessary snacking or overeating. Keep a bottle of water close to you so that you do not forget that you have to drink (remember to drink only natural water with no added sugar).


  1. Switch it up. Preparing meals for work every single day can become boring.  There are also days when you don’t have time for anything, like when you oversleep. For such situations, it is nice to have a list of restaurants near your workplace that offer healthy food. You will add variety to your daily lunchbox in this way. 


  1. Changing your office culture is a good way to avoid creating situations where you get tempted. You can try to celebrate your colleague’s birthday, promotion, or team achievement with healthier cakes containing fruit or other healthy snacks.
    However, you do not always have to eat at your office events. You can also only drink tea or coffee. To avoid unnecessary questions, simply gift them a bouquet. That will divert their attention, and you can then guide the conversation in a different direction.


  1. Be assertive! Understand that refusing to eat a cake will not end your relationship with your colleague. Try to show yourself as a person who does not eat high-calorie snacks. In the beginning, it will be difficult. But if you can withstand an initial wave of questions and guesses, over time, everyone will get used to the fact that you want to be fit and healthy.


  1. If you cannot sacrifice desserts, try low-sugar alternatives like dark chocolate (at least 80% cocoa). It supports the secretion of endorphins, offers many health benefits, and will also satisfy your craving instead of you completely ignoring it.

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