10 foods that accelerate your aging process

10 foods that accelerate your aging process

Your external appearance is a good indicator of your health. We already know that stress, lack of sleep, excess sun exposure, and stimulants can significantly accelerate the aging process. You can see the result of this process in the mirror, for example, the face changes – dark circles under eyes, gray skin with loads of sun discoloration, and wrinkles.

It turns out that in addition to external stimuli, food is also very important. Some products have a very positive effect on health and appearance, for example, antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits (read: Vegetables and fruits – Rainbow on the plate – The strength of colors), but unfortunately, some of them have a terrible effect.

We will discuss these products later in this article.

Glycation, inflammation, and oxidation are processes that occur in your body every day and have a significant impact on the aging process. 

We must point out that aging is not just about wrinkles around the eyes, flaccid skin, or weaker hair. Aging is not always visible. There are processes occurring inside the body. 

Older people are more likely to get sick than younger people, which can be taken as a sign of aging, but it is important to note that (as indicated by many medical tests) the disease does not come overnight, and may grow over several years. And so we can say that we are already working on our future in early childhood. Unfortunately, it does not always have a positive result.


Let’s look at what products you should avoid:

  1. Processed meats 
  • can cause facial dermatitis
  • contributes to the sallow and tired appearance of the skin
  1. Sugar and sugary foods (including ice cream, cakes, chocolate, ready-made bread, pasta, ready-made sauces, sweet drinks, and beer)
  • contribute to the reduction of skin elasticity
  • remove water from intercellular spaces
  • are the main cause of acne formation
  • increase the level of fat in the liver
  1. Salt and products containing salt
  • disturbs the metabolism of bone tissue
  • increases blood pressure
  • retains water in the body
  1. Hot spices
  • cause inequalities in the skin tone
  • lead to dilation of blood vessels
  1. Alcohol and drugs
  • contribute to the formation of edema
  • lead to liver disease
  • cause a significant reduction in the amount of vitamin A in the body 
  • lead to enlargement of blood vessels
  1. Fast Food
  • poses the threat of rapid obesity
  • contributes to the earthy appearance of the skin
  • causes blockage of blood vessels
  1. Marinated vegetables
  • they contain 70% fewer vitamins and minerals
  • they intensify chronic diseases
  1. Trans fats (margarine, chocolate, breadsticks, chips, pastries, cookies, and crackers)
  • stiffening of the arteries or narrowing of blood vessels, which causes poor blood flow to the organs and skin (hypoxia)
  • leads to acidification of the body (hypoxia)
  1. Low-quality soy sauce
  • may contain sulfur and hydrochloric acids
  • leads to kidney stones and hypertension
  1. Energy drinks (caffeine in combination with sugar)
  • disrupt the metabolism
  • increase fluid excretion or causes dehydration


You can live without the majority of the products mentioned above.

Despite the wide range of cosmetics that are advertised to work on the skin from the outside, you have to take care of your skin and internal health by yourself.

True beauty depends on your health.


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